Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Max!!!

Seven facts about Max:
1. He's the only blue-eyed, blonde out of my three children
2. He is very musically inclined and maybe someday his drumming, singing (especially in the shower), humming, whistling, beatboxing will bring him a lucrative career!
3. He is very, very sweet!
4. He looks up to his big sister & brother
5. He loves Spider Man, Superman, Iron Man, The Hulk, etc.
6. He still loves to snuggle
7. He has a wicked sense of humor
Happy 7th Birthday to one of the best kids I know! You completed our family Max and I couldn't imagine our lives without you. I love hanging out with you and am so blessed you are my son :-) Rock on little buddy!!!

1 comment:

Sandi said...

Oh Jackie, how sweet it is!! What a guy, and sounds like he is blessed to have you as a mom too!! Happy Birthday Max, you are a dashing young man!!