Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 is a great number!

Timothy turned 10 last week and it was a big deal for him (and this mom!). We are still celebrating since he had a fever the day we had his family party. In fact, in lieu of a party with friends he decided he'd rather go shopping for some fun things and then to dinner with just his parents. What a sweetheart :*)

Ten Things About Tim:
1. He loves sports - every single one that exists
2. He is a huge Yankee fan
3. He is a New England Patriot Fan
4. He is a Celtics fan
5. He loves his sister & brother
6. He has a great sense of humor
7. He is the sweetest kid I've ever known (besides his sister & brother)
8. He looks up to his dad big time
9. School work comes easy to him (lucky boy!)
10.Food is his passion!
Thank you Timothy for blessing our lives 10 years ago! You bring us immeasurable joy, love & laughter. Thanks for teaching me so much about sports too! Who knew?!

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